The built-in calculator records and displays in real time all flight logbook data that a pilot needs to report, and, depending on the version, altimetry and barometric data.

A flight chronometer menu records the date, take-off time, landing time and adds up the number of landings and the flight time. A block-to-block chronometer menu records the date, the time of removing and replacing the blocks and adds up block-to- block times by calculating the actual flight time. This digital flight logbook can display local time or UTC time, depending on choice, and memorise up to 59 flights.



In addition to the digital flight logbook, the DH-02 versions also have altimetry functions with unrivalled performance.They are based on a latestgeneration pressure sensor, which is ultra-compact, ultra-precise and energy-efficient, including embedded firmware.

Its resolution, which is the best on the market, is accurate to the decimetre or foot. To read the altitude difference, you simply lift your wrist from shoulder height to eye height. Resolution to the metre can also be selected.

This altimeter indicates, in metres or feet, altitude in relation to sea level, in relation to the ground, the flight level and, in hectopascals or in millimetres of mercury, atmospheric pressure at sea level (QnH) or in the reference airfield (QFe).


In addition to the flight chronometer and block-to-block chronometer of the digital flight logbook functions, there is another exclusive function: the standby chronometer. This is a rapid-to-access chronometer (simply press two buttons at once) which is "super-imposed" on the digital flight logbook, thus making it possible for example, to calculate fuel tank opera- tion time, heading maintenance operation time or launch operation time, in a convenient and safe way, without having to go through the menu.

The watch also has a 1/100-second chronometer as standard, as well as the usual calendar and alarm functions.


Analogue time
Time - 24h/12h (AM PM)
Time UTC - 24h/12h
Date - Perpetual calendar
Chronometer - Hours/min/sec/1/100
Standard flight chronometer - Local / UTC
Block to block chronometer - Local / UTC
Standby chronometer
Altimeter - m / ft
QFe height - m / ft
QnH Barometer - hPa / in Hg
Barometer QFe - hPa / in Hg
Flight level (fl)
HR Barometer - hPa


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